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Supported technologies

Data Integration

BI Platform


Data Governance

IBM Information Server #1

Information Server is a leading data integration platform with offerings that help you understand (Information Analyser), cleanse (Quality Stage), monitor and transform data (Data Stage)

Informatica PowerCenter #2

PowerCenter forms the foundation for all your data integration initiatives, including analytics and data warehousing, application migration, or consolidation and data governance.

Pentaho Data Integration #3

Pentaho Data Integration, codenamed Kettle, consists of a core data integration (ETL) engine, and GUI applications that allow the user to define data integration jobs and transformations. It supports deployment on single node computers as well as on a cloud, or cluster.

IBM Cognos #1

IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence is an integrated business intelligence suite that provides a wide range of functionality to help you understand your organization’s data. Everyone in your organization can use IBM Cognos BI to view or create business reports, analyze data, and monitor events and metrics so that they can make effective business decisions.

Pentaho BA Paltform #2

Commonly referred to as the BI Platform, and recently renamed Business Analytics Platform (BA Platform), makes up the core software piece that hosts content created both in the server itself through plug-ins or files published to the server from the desktop applications. It includes features for managing security, running reports, displaying dashboards, report bursting, scripted business rules, OLAP analysis and scheduling out of the box.

Microsoft Power BI #3

Power BI allows you easily connect to, model, and visualize your data, creating memorable reports personalized with your KPIs and brand.

Oracle #1


IBM DB2 #2


Microsoft SQL-server #3

IBM Information Analyzer #1

Understanding the quality, content and structure of your data is an important first step when making critical business decisions. IBM® InfoSphere® Information Analyzer, a component of IBM InfoSphere Information Server, evaluates data quality and structure within and across heterogeneous systems.


IBM InfoSphere® Information Governance Catalog is a web-based tool that allows you to explore, understand and analyze information. You can create, manage and share a common business language, document and enact policies and rules, and track data lineage.

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